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Nanokeratin replenish nanoSmooth Pure Shampoo

Nanokeratin replenish nanoSmooth Pure Shampoo

kr 590,00 Regular Price
kr 413,00Sale Price

Eksklusiv shampo, behandler i tillegg hår som har tatt Brasilianskkeratin behandling. Skummer ikke og er svært drøy i bruk.

Replenish Smoother for Blonde/Bleached/Highlighted Hair comprises highly substantive particles performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure for a safe Bond Reformation Soft and Complete Smoothing as wel as Non-chemical hair straightening that having 0% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde and releasing no chemical off-gases.

This unique Smoother emulat natural hair process by enabling hair to recuperate itself  from the inside.

It constructs outer foundation and reforms hair fibre texture to straight.

In addition, it connects inner pigments for a beautiful harmonic look (outstanding benefit for Blonde Hair in particular).

Replenish Smoother intensifies shine after highlighting and ensures NO Yellow/Orange effect after colouring/bleaching.

The results: straight, healthy, toned, elastic, luminous, insulated against damaging environmental sources, easily designed and manageable, Smoothing, Strength, Flexibility, Softening, Improving Elasticity, Increases Hydration, Improve Vibrancy, Strengthen and Smooth Hair Fibre, Repair and Resist Damage

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